Are you ready to realize your deepest desires?

It takes great courage to live an authentic life. Vitality is not something that just happens. It is something we each create on our own, through the deliberate expression of our deepest desires, beliefs, and personal expressions. Often these choices will be met with disbelief, anger, and a lack of support by those around you. But every time you choose  your own direction, you become the owner of your own existence. Only then are you truly alive.

This is your chance to reunite with a part of yourself you long ago abandoned. What is the truth of your inner world? What is calling you? What truths need to be realized in your life in order for you to feel truly alive? The value of your life is found only when you live it on your terms and in your authentic voice.

The dimension, form, and development of your life is in your hands, and the only project in your life that truly matters is to realize your truest potential and your deepest callings. THAT is your mission, your purpose, and your ultimate path to freedom.

We’d like to help you get there.

“True happiness… is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.”

–Helen Keller

Holistic Life Coaching

Coaching is a powerful collaboration designed to forward and enhance an individual’s sense of purpose, confidence, and personal and professional performance. Utilizing holistic, integrative approaches that address every aspect of your life – body, mind, and spirit –we will gain clarity on your life purpose, mission, vision, and values, while tapping into your potential to make transformational changes in every area of your life.

Through coaching you will learn to tune into your intuition as you emerge more fully into your authentic self. Coaching sessions are tailored to your unique needs and goals, and are focused on moving forward in the most important areas of your life. 

Career and Entrepreneur Coaching

The work you do in the world is the creative articulation of your soul! You cannot afford to spend any more time doing work that doesn’t inspire your spirit or spark your creativity. This intensive model of coaching gets laser focused on your strengths, interests, passions, skills, values, personality, and life vision, so you can find greater clarity on your professional path. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a business professional, we will work to find your path to greater fulfillment and professional success.

What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

Although both coaching and psychotherapy use knowledge of human behavior, motivation, behavioral change, and interactive communication techniques, there are major differences in the goals, focus, and level of professional responsibility. Although coaching uses certain techniques that are also used in therapeutic settings (such as teaching cognitive skills, reflecting, affirming, EMDR, and mindfulness training), coaching is not the same as therapy. In some situations, it may be recommend that you enter psychotherapy (with another psychotherapist or counselor) as a condition of starting or continuing coaching.

The focus of counseling is identification, diagnosis, and treatment of mental and nervous disorders. The goals of counseling include alleviating symptoms, understanding the underlying dynamics that create symptoms, changing dysfunctional behaviors that are the result of these disorders, and developing new strategies for successfully coping with the psychological challenges that we all face.

Alternately, the focus of coaching is development and implementation of strategies to reach client-identified goals of enhanced performance and personal satisfaction. Coaching may address specific personal projects, life balance, job performance and satisfaction, or general conditions in the client’s life, health, relationships, business, or profession. Coaching utilizes personal strategic planning, values clarification, brainstorming, motivational techniques, and other helping techniques.

How the coaching process works

Your coaching package will be tailored to your individual needs and situation. Before you begin, you will have a free 30 minute consultation where your coach can get to know you a bit better. You will identify the areas where you are feeling blocked and determine what sort of coaching timeline works best for you. Whether you want intensive schedule of weekly sessions to keep you focused and accountable, or a slower approach that allows you time for deep thought and reflection between session, we can make it work. You will never be pressured to buy more sessions than you need, and how and when you use your sessions is completely up to you! 

Coaching calls happen over the phone or Skype, depending on your preference. Or, if you live in the Twin Cities, we offer in person meetings at my office in Oakdale.

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